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Eero vs velop vs orbi

The short answer is that Eero rocks.  So I bought Orbi a couple years ago from Costco, and could never get all of my devices, especially my wifi cameras, to work consistently.  I returned it and bought Velop.  Same deal, although it wasn't quite as bad.  Well, it was bad enough that I finally sold them on ebay and went Orbi again, because 1) the firmware had supposedly come a long way since my first purchase, and 2) they had an outdoor unit.  Well, this second try still had lots of issues with the cameras, and purple rings, and poor performance, etc..  SOOOO... I decided one night, before returning Orbi yet again to Costco, to go buy Eero and see what happens, because, hey, I had 15 days to return it to Best Buy.

Amazing!  The UI was hands down the best (live display of what eero you're connected to and much, much more).  The setup experience was the best (three eeros and two beacons).  And most important, it just worked!  My cameras all started showing their max fps consistently, and haven't missed a beat through firmware upgrades, kids unplugging them, etc..  I had one time where I put a beacon too close to an eero and it caused a bit of issue, but i just moved it and all was well.  Other than that, 0 issues.  0.  I even put a beacon on a ceiling outlet in my outdoor pavilion to get outdoor coverage.

It's been a month or two now, and I'm just totally blown away with how much better my life is because everything just works with Eero.  Needless to say, I returned my second purchased Orbi setup and haven't looked back.  Thanks, Eero!

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