Expression Blend Frustration When Exporting Selected Objects

I have fought with the issue below with Design 2, and anxiously downloaded Design 3, hoping it would be fixed.  No dice!

The problem is when I’m exporting selected objects to jpg (or png, for that matter).  The dimensions of an object on the design surface will be different from the dimensions when exporting the selected object.  Why???  Why can't my dimensions when exporting be exactly the same as when designing them?  I thought maybe it was antialiasing, but unchecking that made no difference.  I also made sure my X and Y locations were integers, thinking there was some kind of rounding problem.  Still no difference.

This has happened with multiple different objects.  I create banners of different sizes for various things, and have had this problem with most of them.  I struggle through it, manually forcing different sizes here and there.  But this just won't cut it.  If I can't get jpgs dimensions that match my design surface dimensions, I simply can't use this product.

Here’s a simple example.

Rectangle dimension on the design surface

Rectangle dimension when exporting it via selected objects

The rectangle gained a pixel in height.  I’ve seen gains of 1-2 pixels in width or height on different objects.

I’ve posted a comment on the Expression blog here.  Hopefully I’ll hear something back.


ps.  I'm sure there are things I can do by creating slices, or setting canvas size, etc.  I'm not looking for workarounds, though.  Because of how I work, I need this problem solved.

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