Some things a client should think about when choosing an application developer

So I was helping a business I frequent choose a vendor for an app development need.  They got several proposals.  After reading them over, I told the business to ask the vendors about the as... [More]

Saving 3d shooters from costing too much to make–and other great reasons live 3d modeling is going to be awesome

So I don’t play 3d shooters any more.  But I’ve played a lot in the past, and I’m a programmer, so I had some thoughts on the current state of game development, especially on the consoles.  ... [More]

Makerbot Makerware TOM support

So Makerbot has promised to support TOM users with Makerware in early 2013.  You can see the post here.  I’ve also included a screenshot:       However, with their last ... [More]

Windows Phone 8 Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve discovered during my first week with the Lumia 920.  Some might be documented and obvious to everyone else but me, but I’m listing every one I can think of. ... [More]

Throne of JS 2012

Just read this great article on the different libraries and frameworks for creating SPAs.  Take a read if you want to get a state of the land for MV* js implementations.

Slow VMWare Converter 5

I’ve been trying to convert a physical machine for a couple of days now.  Each time, I’d only get ~2 to ~3MB/s.  It was terrible.  I finally found the solution here.  After the cha... [More]

Windows 8–Bring back the start button!

Microsoft, Microsoft?  When will you learn that common sense should trump “telemetry”?  Would Steve Jobs ever make a decision based on automated metrics instead of real feedback from real pe... [More]

Spam/malware emails getting more and more real looking

Spam emails are getting more and more real looking.  For example, here’s a Paypal email I received  below.  Looks genuine!  But, when I hover over the link, I see that it’s to some... [More]

KnockoutJS and slow performance

I was having an issue where I was copying a batch of objects from one array to the other, which in turn caused a row in a table to be destroyed in one table and created in another for each object.... [More]

If you live in Atlanta and are interested in the transportation tax issue, check this blog out

It has good, up-to-date information on the t-splost, or the Atlanta Transportation Referendum that will raise sales tax by 14 percent or more if passed.

John West

John West is an independent technology consultant who specializes in using technology to improve business processes.  That means that technology for its own sake isn't worth much; it's value only comes from helping people do things better, cheaper and faster.

That said, he spends way too much time testing cutting-edge gadgets that often come with promises of making things better and faster, but often fail to live up to those promises.  And they usually fail on the cheaper front as well.

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